Who invented Exams?

Posted by S on
I haven't been updated much at all but thanks to all the lovely visitors who check back with Think Pinkly and all the new visitors, mostly coming off from google as I regularly check to see what you viewers were searching for when you stumbled across this Pinkly place.

The reason behind me not posting much recently is because I'm going through hell aka EXAMS. It's every students' nightmare, and just as if plain old Cambridge A level examinations wasn't enough I actually have TWO different exams in the same day, one after another, just great.

Other then the whole studying and exam giving part, I love the energy at the examination center so many students from different schools buzzing around and then after they come out of the examination centre there's a whole new vibe, sometimes of happiness and other times of regret as they should of studied then wasting that time on the internet lol.
So consider this a rant, I'll be out of hell by 11th June so just waiting till then. And to all of those viewers who are going through the same...all I can say is that I totally feel for you.Best of Luck!


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